Beggars Can’t Be Choosier, an enchanting and memorable journey to the period of Jane Austen, the English Regency era. Beggars Can’t Be Choosier is a romp through the regency and a plethora of traditional romance riches to add to your collection.

When a fortune purchases a title, love    shall never flourish, for a heart that is bought, can never be won. 

   The Earl of Aftlake has struggled since coming into his inheritance. Terrible decisions by his father has left him with an income of only 100 pounds a year. For a Peer, living on such a sum is near impossible. Into his life comes the charming and beautiful Katherine Chandler. She has a fortune her father made in the India trade. 

   Together, a title and a fortune can be a thing that can achieve great things for all of England. Together the two can start a family and restore the Aftlake fortunes. Together they form an alliance. 

   But a partnership of this nature is not one of love. And terms of the partnership will allow both to one day seek a love that they both deserve for all that they do. But will Brian Forbes Pangentier find the loves he desires or the love he deserves? 

   And Katherine, now Countess Aftlake, will she learn to appreciate the difference between happiness and wealth? Can love and the admiration of the TON combine or are the two mutually exclusive?

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   This is the story of two characters found living in the Regency Era, our hero a member of the Ton whilst our heroine not. The two come together and the Ton will never be the same again for it. In Beggar’s Can’t Be Choosier we follow these two and are accompanied by many others, over the course of a few years as England embarks on it’s dominace of the sea and its far flung holdings.

   A Regerncy Romance that takes us on a journey where we are included in drawing rooms and country manor homes of our dramatis personae, delving deeper into what has brought our hero and heroine together, as well as what may ultimately tear them apart.

   With familiarity we see how a couple responds to the moments of joy as well as tragedies that are certain to bring despair. The true tests that love’s links are forged by. Here we must learn if our hero is made of the mettle of character that all men are asked to face at some time, and many are found wanting. Will our Hero be so as well? 

   And of our Heroine, she too shall be similiarly burdened. With a test that few should have to face, and many do. Will the tests and trials of both bring them on a more solid footing, or destroy completely what feelings that have been engendered? 

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